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I am a music retailer and have over thirty years of experience buying, selling, trading and appraising musical instruments and related equipment. I am also a member of the board of advisors for Orion Research of Scottsdale AZ, publishers of Blue Books for the musical instrument and professional sound business, which are considered the standard for the industry. These books reflect market value much as the blue books used in the automotive and other fields.

I can provide an accurate appraisal of the market value of property for individuals, attorneys or anyone else needing an accurate valuation of musical instruments and related gear, including but not limited to: guitars, amplifiers,brass. strings, woodwinds and sound gear.

Fee Schedule as of 1.2.11

  • Minimum fee to produce a written appraisal letter, up to 1/2 hour $55.00
  • Hourly fee, includes driving, research and composing any required documents $65.00
  • Telephone calls, texts or emails on client's behalf, minimum, each The first one is free. $8.00
  • Charge per mile driven on client's behalf $0.85
  • Our sales tax is 7% for Ohio residents.
  • Any additional charges are figured on a case by case basis and can be discussed in advance.

Additional fees can be incurred for after hours work or rush jobs Most of my appraisals are done remotely, without the instrument in my hands. I work from pictures and descriptions. You do NOT have to ship your instrument to have it accurately appraised.

Appraisal Rider as of 1.2.11

  • Travel days on client’s behalf, $1,000.00
  • Work days on client’s behalf, deposition, testimony, etc, $ 1500.00 up to half a day of work.
  • Additional half day of work, or any part thereof, $300.00
  • Per diem, all involved days, $60.00
  • Client to provide rental car for use, mid-size or larger. On-airport pickup preferred. Non-smoking vehicle, please. All rental fees to be at client’s expense.
  • Client to pay for all parking fees for vehicle.
  • Housing: one (1) single, non-smoking room reserved in the name of Don Mossman. King or Queen bed is appreciated. Room not to be next
    to stairwell, elevator shaft or maid’s work room, laundry room, pool, hospitality suite, maintenance area, etc. Please explain to hotel staff upon booking that occupant is a light sleeper and not an early riser.
  • Client to provide, at sole expense of client, round trip airfare and any additional charges for luggage, airport taxes, fees, etc.


Rare and semi-vintage Guitars

Our list of exceptional instruments is constantly changing.Revisit here often to see the latest offerings. Or contact us with with your special needs and we will be happy to help you locate the piece you desire.


  • 1965 P bass refin LP blue all orig w/ case wht guard call
  • 1964 P bass sb just a little arm wear on body-otherwise near mint ohs case call
  • 1969 Custom (former 12 string wierdness) sunburst near mint-Grovers WI HARD CASE call
  • 1978 Strat Hard tail we believe it to be a factory custom purple metal flake finish electronics are not original maple neck, great guitar no case call
  • 1966 Telecaster refinished (pro) natural due in soon call
  • 1962 SOLD
  • 1962 SOLD


  • 1971 Custom, black, very nice w/ ohsc CALL
  • 1979 FIREBIRD black new-unsold-find another one-w/case bicentenial embossed pickguard, red white and blue firebird like in '76 call
  • ? 60's Orpheum lap steel Lucite clear very space age, extra knobs, etc way cool! email for a pic or two! ask


  • 1930 (?) model 30 or 40 (?) arch top deluxe model call
  • 1968 (?) 12-string electric-hey, hey, we're the monkees! semi-rare sunburst-ex cond-shipped to you via last train to clarksville! email


  • '60s 500/2 Early sixties just like Beatle bass except Les Paul body missing picguard sounds great! Club model? raised logo staple pickups stable neck have NOS case, extra contact


  • 1966 (?) KUSTOM Ric-lookin' hollow body electric w/ bigsby-way cool light green to maroon burst finish (wineburst, I think it was called) pretty good con 1 pu chnged ohsc missing in action
  • 60's Silvertone mandolin check binding w/case exc 375
  • 60'S Silvertone classical nylon string w/case exc 375


Guitar Search

Rest in Peace, David Carradine

David had asked Mossman Music to assist in the recovery of this unique instrument by posting his notice to our site. Due to the select nature of our visitors, we hope that some collector/enthusiast will recognize this description and provide information which leads to the return of this exceptional guitar. We will continue to leave this information on our site in the event we can be of assistance in the return of the guitar to his family.

Thank you for your help.

Wanted Mossman 12 string guitar:

  • Rosewood back and sides
  • Sprice top
  • Black binding
  • Plain unbound rosewood fret board
  • No dots or inlays whatsoever
  • two pick guards
  • "Kasnas wheat straw" Abalone inlay on back of peg head
  • Mossman "M" on front of peg head
  • Carved heel (base of neck)
  • Wide flaring peg head design (on no other Mossman 12)
  • Personally designed for David Carradine by Stu Mossman in 1975
  • Lost in 1981
  • Missed every day since

Substantial Reward for Information Leading to Recovery

Premium Top Dollar for Return

Any Condition



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