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Sound System/PA

Mossman Music offers a complete line of sound system and PA rental gear for your event!

We can:

  • Deliver
  • Set up for you
  • Can be there to take it all down afterward
  • Have technicians available for the duration of your presentation
  • We offer everything from a small room-sized system to complete outdoor concert and festival production.

Some offerings and prices (daily lease)

  • Table top system ideal for meetings in conference rooms, 35.00
  • Small system, two small speakers w/ head and mic, four channels, for rooms a bit larger than conference rooms 75.00
  • Medium system, two med. speakers, head and mic, 2 speaker poles, six channels, for larger rooms, up to a few hundred attendees, works well for outdoor weddings 150.00
  • Large System, two med. speakers on poles, larger head, more power, eight to twelve channels, expandable with monitors or more speakers on poles to reach more people, from 200.00
  • Larger productions available, national acts, etc, including lighting and backline gear, quoted to spec.
  • Wireless mics, hand-held and clip-on, 35.00
  • Additional microphones, wired, with stand, 15.00
  • Digital pianos 65.00 - 125.00
  • Delivery, in town, 25.00, out of town, from 35.00


Backline Gear

In addition to being a full line music store, we also rent instruments and amplifiers, called backline gear, to traveling shows. We have done many national acts over the years and can usually satisfy the needs of your entertainers to get the job done and ensure a great show!

How this works:

  • We are very good at getting exactly the gear requested, or a close substitute, given our geographic location.
  • Work directly with the act and their management to make sure everyone is happy with the gear.
  • We can provide you quotes directly from the artist's tech rider.
  • We can also provide technicians for the duration of your event, including sound check.
  • Prices for for daily lease, for longer events, three days pays for one week.
  • Our gear is maintained regularly and we usually bring spares at no additional expense.

A few examples of gear we can supply

  • Guitar Amps from 35.00
  • Tube guitar amps from 55.00
  • GK 800RB biamp bass rig 85.00
  • Professional drum kits from 125.00
  • Hammond B3 and C3 organs 200.00
  • Upright basses from 175.00

Some of the acts we've supplied in the last year or so:

  • Davy Jones of the Monkees
  • Peter Noon & Herman's Hermits
  • Gary Puckett
  • The New Orleans Repertory Jazz Ensemble
  • Tom Chapin
  • Corky Siege
  • The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie
  • The Fifth Dimension
  • and others



For many years we have provided musicians and entire backup bands for traveling acts engaged locally. From a single musician to an entire band including a musical director, we can make your show happen. We know the players who can play and read, to whatever degree your contract requires and can provide them, tux and all, if needed, for your event. We will work directly with the acts or their management, on your behalf, to make sure to provide the right player(s) for the job.


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